Thursday, April 21, 2011


When I look at people's hands, I notice how different they are from mine. They have different lines on their palms, their cuticles are neat or torn, the shape of their nails are square or conical or spatulate. Sometimes their hands are square, long, soft, or worn like they've worked their entire lives. I can tell if their nails are blue at the moons of their nails that they have poor circulation. Palm readers have noticed these little things for centuries. Today, we can recognize people from another thing on their hand, their fingerprints.
These little swirly things on the tips of are fingers aren't just pretty designs designed to hypnotize unwitting victims, they can be used to find criminals or missing persons. In crime shows they're always dusting for prints, running print scans, or shooting people. So it's pretty interesting when you actually see it in real life. Now days they send out little packets that contain an at home fingerprinting kit and a cotton swab for your kid's cheek so you'll alway be prepared if a creeper sneaks through a window in the middle of the night and snatches your children. There are some pretty amazing things that happen now days, and there aren't as many missing kids as there used to be.

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