Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mitosis and Me

After taking the pre-test for the Cell Cycle, I realized that I really need to work harder this Semester. So I too a trip to visit Google, my best friend next to

1. Definition for the Cell Cycle: The process in which a cell grows and divides. Some cells take 24 hours to  go through the cell cycle (animal cells) and some do not divide at all (neurons).
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2. How it happens and what follows.
Interphase: G1, S, G2.
1. G1: grows in size and manufactures more
2. S (Synthesis): where the cell replicates the cell's DNA, only one copy is made.
3. G2: the cell continues to grow and produces a number of molecules
4. M: the cell's DNA condenses into chromosomes and are then are sorted into an even amount.
     They are then split into two different cells.
  • a) Interphase: The very end of the Cell Cycle, where the cell becomes two separate cells. 
  • b) Prophase: The Beginning of Mitosis: the centrosomes move towards the opposite poles of the cell. The sister chomotids become more visible as they condense. 
  • c) Metaphase: The chromatids are lined up between.
  • d) Anaphase: The chromotids begin to separate and become chromosomes and move towards the ends of the poles.  
  • e) Telophase: The chromosomes arrive at the poles, finally, and begin to grow their own nuclear membranes.
  • f) Cytokinesis: A furrow is created in the parent cell and eventually "pinches" the two new cells apart. 
And this is how cells reproduce!

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