Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Human Chromosome Webquest blog

These questions have been taken from a webquest I've been doing in Biology. I researched Narcolepsy and I think it's pretty interesting. I also looked at insomnia, but that isn't very important but it was neat to finally know what went on with it. Watch the Prezi!!!

 *What disease did you choose and what gene is/genes are associated with this disease? I chose Narcolepsy to research. The prepro-orexin gene is associated with Narcolepsy.

*On what chromosome are these genes/is this gene located? The prepro-orexin gene is located on the chromosome 17q21-22.

·      When was the disease first reported in the scientific literature? In the 1990’s.

·      What are some of the clinical symptoms of this disease? Daytime drowsiness, cataplexy (sudden weakness of muscles), and occurrences of REM during wakefulness are the clinical symptoms of Narcolepsy.

·      What lab findings (gene function or biochemical data) are associated with the disease? Narcolepsy appears at random instead of being inherited. It was thought that the cause of narcolepsy was because the body’s immune cells were attacking neurons that secrete hypocretin.

·      What type of inheritance governs this disease? There is no specific inheritance that deals with this disease. Instead it is appears randomly.

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