Monday, September 6, 2010

Learning How to Experiment on People

Note: This is an example of a Clinical Trial and is not complete or useful.

Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo Study of the effects of K9rM on Teenage Werewolves who eat Neighbor Dogs

This study is NOT recruiting participants
Verified by KCrawford, September

Purpose: This study is to develop and collect efficient data in patients taking K9rM with serious hormone disorders. 

Condition: Hormones, Teenage        Intervention: Drug: K9rM          Phase: Phase II
                                                                               Drug: Placebo

The study started with 10 teenagers, an even number of boys and girls but ranging in ages from 13 to 17.  They began by dosing each of the participating subjects with either a placebo or the real medication.

What was done in the week of 8/30-9/3[This is the first week we've begun to work on Biology and have started by learning about Clinical Trials. They are a series of tests to see how a new medication or procedure works on people. We checked out the double-blind and placebo tests. This basically means that there were 2-3 different kinds of pills (the experimental medication, and a placebo[a pill that is blanker than blank], and a tested medication) being given randomly to the subjects so that neither the said subjects nor the team of people medicating them knows with pill they are taking. But not to worry there are certified doctors standing by to make sure no one dies! Besides the placebo they use a control to see how effective the drug is. The control is the standard at which the medication much reach.]

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